Be Right Back – I Have to Go Kill a Giant

Wooden slingshot with rubber made in Mexico.
Wooden slingshot with rubber made in Mexico. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am writing the first half of this note prior to the battle.

I walk in today, without armor but just a sling and a stone. But like David, I have no fear facing my Goliath, not because I am stupid or foolhardy; not because I have misplaced trust in a detached deity, not because I can’t handle the reality.

I have precedent.

I walk in today full of faith, because my God has repeatedly delivered me. From the mouth of the lion, and the mouth of the bear, He has saved me. I have experienced the saving nature of God.

When the process of my foreclosure began, I had a different perspective. I wanted to save “my house”. Through the many ensuing months, through struggles, frustrations and shut doors, I have learned something.

It is not my house. It is the Lord’s . Everything I own, all I have, is a gift from Him. As it is His home, He can do what He wishes with it.

Whatever today’s outcome, whatever the final word from man is, I will tell you that my faith in His care and provision will not waver. Because the fact is, He didn’t promise me THIS home, He promised me shelter. He never promised steak and nice cars, He promised provision. And in His grace and mercy He has more than provided for my needs. Consistently, over and over.

It’s not blind faith. It’s experiential knowledge. There is a giant to be killed, but it may not be the giant I think it is. Maybe it is the giant of self reliance and pride. Maybe it’s the giant of misplaced expectation. Maybe it’s the giant of presumption against God. Or maybe, it’s the giant of a mortgage company who thinks they are so powerful that this little shepherdess has no chance.  Whatever giant the Lord wants killed, it will die today.

More to come. Now where did I put my slingshot?

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