Eternal Truth While Wearing Sneakers

Soles of girl's sneakers Deutsch: Maedchen-Spo...

One of the many, many things I love about Jesus is His willingness to speak to us through any circumstance. There simply is nothing I go through that He doesn’t show me His point of view, and point out some greater spiritual truth. Thankfully today He did so, or I wouldn’t have made it.

Sometime He doesn’t take away the pain. He simply gives you the strength to run through it.


I have noticed that running can be a very different experience day to day.

Some days, you are running along and you feel great. The run is almost effortless.

Some days, your feet hurt, or your back hurts. But because overall you feel good, you can keep running at a fairly good clip. One thing going wrong is simply not enough to stop an athlete.

But some days, everything goes wrong. Today, by mile 7, I could barely breathe. My feet, always sore from Mile 4 on, were absolutely screaming. It was excruciating. My legs were rubber. So many things were going wrong, I felt I could not take another step. Another breath.

And then my IPOD died.

4 miles from home, I said “I cannot do this. How am I going to get home?” I began to actually hobble, my feet hurting so bad. Forget running, the 4 mile walk seemed absolutely impossible. I began to flip through the Rolodex in my head – who could I call to come get me? And Jesus said “How about Me?”

So I began to talk to Jesus, and all of a sudden I realized my body was running. I was not making myself run. My body and my mind were in agreement that I should stop. But somehow, I was running. It was the most surreal thing. I was not running of my own power. The pain was there. The struggle was there. But so was Jesus. And He got me home. I ran 11 miles, further than I have ever run before.

In our lives, sometimes we are running along, no problem. Other days, one or two things may hurt us, but overall, we are strong and we power right through. But some days, everything hurts. Nothing goes right. Even the music stops. It is desperate, and it is lonely.

But in those days, remember that Jesus is with you. There may be excruciating pain. There may be hurt. But He WILL get you home. Not under your strength  – but His.

2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in your weakness.”

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