Confessions of an Annoying Jesus Follower

Every few months, I like to explain why I talk so much about Jesus to those most annoyed by it.

In early 2007, I was a depressed, hopeless person. I had lost my career, the person I loved, and all my money. I was drinking my days away. I saw nothing to look forward to. The only reason I got out of bed in the morning was because I loved my kids and they needed me.

I met a young man who wanted to take me out to dinner. He drank water, carried a bible, and talked about God incessantly. I walked out of that date completely annoyed. Why couldn’t he  have talked about something, anything else…just for a few minutes? I didn’t need some guy preaching at me. Constantly.

In late 2007 , God exploded into my reality. This was not some anemic little religious experience. I did not convince myself that I “heard or felt” something. This was an encounter that was so powerful that it quite literally changed everything in my life, in one afternoon. You don’t meet God in person and forget it easily.

I have heard people go on for years about a chance meeting with a rock star, or a sports hero. I have seen people study stats, follow careers, and fanatically follow teams. Folks, this is a whole different level…this is GOD. He’s kinda a big deal.

Why wouldn’t I be excited to have met Him? I guarantee you would be too.

If you took the wealth of Bill Gates, the artistic talent of Michaelangelo, the kindness of Mother Theresa, the business acumen of Warren Buffett, the brilliance of Einstein and all the super-powers of the Avengers; then rolled it all up into one person, that person would still pale in comparison to the power, majesty, resources and loving kindness of Jesus. And, incredibly,  Jesus would like to be our friend!

I see all the despair and fear, the angst, the anger, the sadness all around me; and I no longer  live like that. I live in peace, and contentment, and security. It’s a radical difference, and you cannot even begin to comprehend the relief until you experience it.

Remember, a few months before God touched my life,  I was  totally annoyed by the guy who was “preaching” at me. So I get that you are annoyed by me.

But I have a message that YOU need to hear.

God loves you. And simply put, He expects me to tell you that. Have you ever wondered why random people in your life have suddenly changed in this way? God is touching lives every day, and He is actively chasing you – right at this very moment.

He sees you. He sees your pain and confusion. He sees past your partying and sexual relationships, and sees the lonliness. He sees past your workaholic lifestyle and sees the insecurity and desire for affirmation and recognition. He sees past the anger and sees the wounds. HE LOVES YOU. He wants to heal your heart. He wants to forgive you and bring you home to Him. If you are living without God, you are not truly living the life you were born to live.

I don’t live in delusion. My life isn’t perfect. But I walk through my day knowing that God is taking care of everything because He shows up, and shows Himself – every single day. You know what’s cool? He will do the same for you. Jesus doesn’t need you to clean up to come to Him. Just come.  He doesn’t care where you are or where you have been. He cares very much about where you are headed. He will take you back right now, come as you are.

The reason I write this every few months, is because God is constantly at work. There is at least one of you reading this who thought I was completely crazy last year, but lately you have heard whispers in your own soul . You have begun to suspect that this God thing may be for real. Even if you have believed in God your whole life, you know there is so much more.

You know that what I am saying is true, because God has been working on your heart. When you can’t explain the pull in your heart, and you finally realize God is calling – write to me.

For the rest of you, who still think that I have lost my mind, I get it. See you in a few months…

Just know God already has you in His sights.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Confessions of an Annoying Jesus Follower

  1. Amen! I’ve always asked people….”if you were in burning building, and you knew the only safe way out, would you want to tell everyone in the building before you left?” I have only just recently started following your blog…but I will tell you, it is refreshing to read this these words and I am blessed by them!

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