Fast Food God

French fries from Burger King.Psalm 78:17-18 But they continued to sin against Him, rebelling in the desert against the Most High. They willfully put God to the test by demanding the food they craved.

I have grown increasingly aware that people approach prayer, and relationship to God, in much the same way as they approach getting a Happy Meal. Hop in the car and follow me…

Most will agree that fast food is not the best nourishment for us. It does not give lasting benefit, it does not make us stronger or more healthy. Actually, deep down we know that the food is harming us. Yet we stop there on a regular basis because it is cheap, and fast, and we have better things to do with our time than go have a home cooked meal.

Lord, forgive us for the times that we say we do not have time for You. When we decide that we would rather fill up on cheap substitutes that do not nourish our minds or spirits. Forgive us for thinking it would be a bother to sit with You for an hour, and instead rush through our day ~ hoping to feel better, but knowing we have received nothing of significance that will make us spiritually healthy or strong.

We order at the drive through window, exactly to our own specifications. We choose which meal, which size, which drink, which side order. We customize and super-size. We throw in a few extra apple pies so we have something down the road. We roll our eyes at the seeming inability of the clerk to get our order correct.

Lord, forgive us for thinking that our demands should be met to our exact specifications. Forgive us for outlining our desires right down to color and size, forgive us for asking for far more than we really need. Help us to understand that You know best what we need, and what we should have. Forgive us for “ordering” our demands off a menu expecting You to take every detail down and get it right, “or else”.

We sit in line waiting for our turn to pay. We get aggravated about the fact that it has taken 4 minutes instead of two. We grumble at the lack of organization of the restaurant, the incompetence of the 16-year-old behind the register. We tap our fingers on the steering wheel and think about everything else we need to do as soon as we drive away. We look at our watches and wonder what is taking “so long”.

Lord, forgive us for being so impatient. Forgive us for thinking that the God of the universe should take our exact demands and meet them quickly. We are so sorry for grumbling that You are taking too long, or that You are not handling things the way we would. Lord, forgive us for looking ahead to everything else we wish we could move onto, if You would just hurry up and give us what we want now.

We pull up to the register and pay for our order, handing over the few dollars it will take to temporarily fill us up. We drive away with relief and dig into the bag before we exit the parking lot. In anger, we realize that the girl has given our child apple slices instead of french fries, and although that choice is a better one, we make a mental note; that drive-through will never see our business again.

Lord, forgive us for allowing ourselves to be satisfied on cheap alternatives to Your spiritual nourishment. Change our diseased hearts that yearn to get what we desire without paying a real cost, without sacrifice. Forgive Your people who get angry at You for providing things differently than we would expect, especially knowing that Your choices are always better than those we make ourselves. Teach us, Lord, to understand Your ways and trust Your deliverance. Forgive us for thinking You are not listening if we do not get exactly what we want.

A life with God is not cheap, but it is freely accessible.

A life with God is not quick, but it is lasting.

A life with God cannot be ordered by us, but is perfectly ordered by Him.

Get out of the drive through, sit down with God, allow Him to order for You. You will be amazed at the true sustenance which feeds you, satisfies you, and brings you life.

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