Take a Deep Breath

breatheMy long runs always seem to inspire a blog. Maybe because I am so aware that without the help of Jesus, I could never make it. In that weak state, He is faithful to be strong, and in my case, to impart knowledge and truth.

I have learned that when I run, the aches and pains are nearly inevitable. I am not a young girl. However, although my feet hurt, and my hip is screaming, and my shoulders ache from being tensed up…I can continue to run. It is only when I lose my respiratory stamina – my ability to maintain normal breathing – that I find myself having to stop and walk until I recover.

The race the Lord sets before us is so similar. We can usually maintain through the blows life brings. The pains and the hurts come, but as long as we have His breath – the Hebrew word is “ruach” and indicates the Spirit of God which lives within us – as long as we are breathing Him in, we can continue running. It is only when that breathing is disrupted, or when we can’t seem to catch a spiritual breath, that we are sometimes slowed to a walk.

From the moment you invite Jesus to live with you, His Spirit never leaves you. During my run today, my ability to breathe, my breath, never left me. It was just hindered. When we find ourselves in that spiritual condition, sometimes we just can no longer run.

For the past 5 months or so, I have had trouble with breathing Him in as my circumstances swirled around me. I have slowed to a spiritual walk, not because of the pain, but because I couldn’t catch a breath.

Jesus lovingly pointed out that I am still moving forward, I am still heading for the goal. I simply needed to slow down so He could once again fill my lungs with ruach, and I could begin to run again with renewed strength. There is nothing shameful about walking a part of your race, because it is during those times that you are rejuvenated and are able to continue stronger.

In the Bible we are told to run the race set before us. In life, or on the pavement, I cannot do so without His breath.

Thank You Lord, for every step you enable me to take.

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