Force Feeding

“I just don’t understand why you feel the need to force Jesus down our throats”

Oh, friends.

If I posted once a day about my favorite restaurants in Sarasota , telling you that you would be crazy NOT to try them – is that forcing a meal on you?

If I found a surefire way to make a great amount of money, and insisted that my skeptical friends simply look into it, would you think it strange?

Of course not. As human beings, we are social. We share. And when news is good, when a fortune is made, when amazingly wonderful things occur – do we not share with our family and friends? Of course we do. We would even go so far as to say, that if someone has found something life-changing and DOESN’T share it, that they are selfish.

I will never argue one of you into belief in Jesus Christ. None of my experiences with this real, tangible and interactive Savior translate to something you can adopt and live out.

It is said that “God has no grandchildren, only children”. In other words, a relationship with Him is personal. Each person must seek it out for themselves, and you can’t borrow it, or inherit it.

I can’t even convince you it’s real.

But I do know this. He reaches people through each of us. Every time someone asks me where I get strength, or the reason for my joy, or how I can forgive a wrong…I get to share His love.

I cannot convince you, no more than I can convince you that a certain restaurant has the BEST NY style pizza – I can only share my experience, and you can respect my opinion.  But to know for sure? You have to experience it for yourself.

Of course, you have to show up.

He will meet you. He will talk with you.  He is anxiously waiting for you. I assure you there is nothing more real in this world than His presence and love if you want to experience it. As for me, I ask that you give me the benefit of the doubt  – perhaps, I have simply experienced something you have not yet.

But I want you to experience what I have …not because I am trying to force Jesus on you, but because I know that in Him lies the answer to every fear, doubt and question. I know that the emptiness we feel and cannot fill is filled in Him. I know how He transforms lives through love and relationship. If your wife, your husband, your children, your mentors, your friends have transformed your life by their presence – how much more the God of the universe?

So because I love you, I will continue to recommend songs, books, coffee shops, movies, and yes, a relationship with Jesus. I want so badly for you to experience His friendship. And more than I want you to, He wants you to.

I am not forcing anything on you.

I am shouting from the rooftops, as does anyone with the best news in the world to share with those they love.

2 thoughts on “Force Feeding

  1. Contacting me to ask permission to use my photograph for your posting would have been the righteous thing to do……do you think Jesus would have done as you have, in this matter?
    Ellen Giamportone

    1. My apologies, Ellen.

      You are of course correct. I am still feeling my way around and was wrongly advised giving credit was appropriate.

      Your photo has been removed. I am very sorry for the offense.

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