He Calls You Princess

Free to Run

I call you Princess.

In My Kingdom, a Princess is a warrior. She is no weak little girl, she fights for those she loves; more importantly she fights for those I love. She battles darkness and injustice because I asked her to, and I am her King.

I call you Princess.

In My Kingdom, a Princess is a servant. She sacrifices time and self to help others, the least of these. She remembers that her King washed the feet of His betrayer, and she quietly goes about serving those who would hurt her, because I am her King.

I call you Princess.

In my Kingdom, a Princess suffers with Me. She remembers that as I sacrificed for her, my body was bruised and crushed; so as she sacrifices for others, and endures pain and discomfort, and injury, she becomes more like Me as the Father has willed. She is like her King.

I call you Princess.

In My Kingdom, a Princess is heart-stoppingly beautiful. Not because of her smile or her hair, but because of her heart for Me. Her radiant beauty shines for the world as she reflects My love for My people, for no other reason than I am her King.

I call you Princess.

You are strong warrior, suffering servant, beautiful daughter. You hold a place of high esteem in My Kingdom, because in your lowliness, in your quietness, in your suffering, in your obedience – you acknowledge Me as your King.

You are My Princess.

And I love you more than you will ever know.

Psalm 45:11 “The King is enthralled by your beauty; honor Him, for He is your Lord.”

Dedicated to the 200 incredible women from Team Freedom, running the Disney Princess Half Marathon next month to raise money and awareness to combat human trafficking. We were not runners before we started this journey. We run for Him and for His Kingdom, and for the least of these. With every step, we honor Him and remember the nearly 30 million women and children who are not free to run – yet.

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