It’s Just a Name

Most folks think of me as one of those overly-spiritual people.

I see God’s hand in everything, from missing a turn by mistake to getting a great deal on strawberries. I do believe God is in the details. It does not serve to make me feel less accountable for my actions, rather to make me see life with a certain wonder and thankfulness, knowing He is providing for me, protecting me, and lavishing on me.

Take, for instance, our names. In the Bible it is clear that God assigned names which were meaningful and pointed to the person’s personality or calling. One need look no further than His son being named “Yeshua”. The root is derived from the word for “to rescue or deliver”, which is obviously appropriate. But also inherent in that choice is that the name was also surprisingly common in that day. Similar to Joshua, the name would have not invoked any great notice or attention. In other words, Yeshua became one of us.

I especially love in our lives when something is accomplished years before we realize it. Prior to my daughter’s birth, we had decided to name her Nicole. However when she was born, our second choice – Shannan – rose immediately to mind when we saw her face. As she grew, the name became more fitting than we ever dreamed. My lovely daughter, college student at 16, self reliant and compassionate, youth leader, counselor, lover of Jesus and sage beyond her years absolutely personified the name Shannan , “wise one”.

My name, Regina, means Queen. My middle name, Ann, means grace. Personally, I have found that one to be God’s sense of humor shining through, as I am known for walking into walls and falling off curbs. “Queen of grace” would seem a loving and playful misnomer for sure. But my nickname during my corporate career had a similar regal ring to it…”Xena, Warrior Princess”. That one has taken on  renewed significance as I feel a calling to be one of God’s spiritual warriors against the powers of this world…and He does, after all, call us royal.

My son’s name. Alex, also denotes a great warrior spirit. Perhaps God has placed two warriors and a wise sage together for His purposes.

Regardless, we all walk under the names He has bestowed on us through Christ: “forgiven, righteous, reborn, favored, holy, chosen, beloved” . Those are names I wear with pride and extreme gratitude.


Isaiah 43: 1 But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are Mine.

One thought on “It’s Just a Name

  1. Your words show that nothing about God, including names, goes without meaning……thanks for sharing!

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